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"I’d find you and I’d choose you."


i love white people


Lately I’ve been into comic books/super heroes.


What could have been. ;_;

Oh Damian, I miss you. I just wanted to see you grow up and get a cool haircut and a new persona.


so instead of doing the prints i planned, i spent like 3 years working on this instead. i did promise i’d do at least one selfie in the face of those selfie variant covers though and so i figured go big or go home?? so the gang’s all here. (let’s presume bruce isn’t ‘cause this is for him.)

i’m thinking about making the picture a print (maybe just a postcard one for authenticity?) to sell at fanexpo. or maybe a larger one?? not sure right now…


“Don’t give up on me, father.”
“I don’t intend to.”


Damian style guide.